SQL Basic Quiz – 1

Welcome to your SQL Basic Quiz - 1.

One of the best ways to test your knowledge of SQL is by taking this SQL Quiz. The test requires moderate knowledge of the database language and will allow you to see how well you understand certain areas of SQL and areas that you need to improve.

The SQL language used is MySQL.

1. What does SQL stand for?
2. Data Definition Language is used to define the structure of the database. Select True or False.
3. Select Data Definition Language constructs
4. What type of query removes information from a database table?
5. Which SQL statement is used to insert new data into a table?
6. Select the SQL statement used to update data in a table?
7. Which SQL statement is used to get data from a table?
8. How do you select a column "address" from a table "AddressBook"?
9. How do you select all the columns from a table "AddressBook"?
10. Choose the keyword you would use to add conditions to your query?
11. How do you insert a new record into the "Employee" table with columns Name, Employee_ID, Department?

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