Welcome to Data Era!

What do we do as part of Apache NiFi Consulting services offerings?

We are in the midst of data era. Data is the new currency and companies are looking for ways to monetize the data.

is it straight forward to achieve the goal? Answer is no always. First problem starts at getting the data into the platform to start the real work. Second, the number of data sources are enormous ranging from database, to log files and to IoT devices. Finally the quality of data generated from the source; It is poor and requires processing and transformation most of the times if not always.

AI is the next big thing and depends on easily accessible, quality, and reliable data. Most of the initiatives using AI fails to achieve its goal at the end due to the unavailability of quality data.

To achieve the goals with data, we need a data processing tool/solution

  • which can be used to collect the data from multiple sources
  • which can be used to move data from one place to another
  • to transform data from one format to another
  • that is scalable
  • that can process petabytes of data with same speed
  • that guarantees security
  • which is reliable and guarantees no data loss
  • that requires less human resources
  • that requires less development time – QA to Production

Why Apache NiFi?

NiFi is created to address the challenges of enterprise data flow by providing all the requirements of data processing tool mentioned above.

NiFi Web based user interface offers the ability to create data flows by simply drag and drop of processors with no code.

Processors are pre-written and number of available processors are vast , 100+. Pretty much every major functionality required to build a data flow/data processing application has been done already or a significant part of it can be implemented using existing processors out of the box.

Here is a short list.

  • Reading and publishing data from/to HDFS, and AWS S3 storage
  • Reading and publishing data from/to SQL (MySQL, Oracle, SQL server etc…) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra etc…) databases alike
  • Consume and publish messages from/to Kafka
  • Convert data from one format to another like CSV to JSON, JSON to CSV, CSV to Avro, Avro to CSV, CSV to Parquet and the list is huge.

In less than 5 minutes, we can bring up a single node NiFi instance. In less than 15 minutes, we can bring up a cluster.

Any business scenario where data should move from one location to another location with or without transformation is the best use case for Apache NiFi. 

Why us?

We are group of freelancers always looking for interesting problems to solve with NiFi and offer variety of services.

We have made many contributions to enterprise level data flows for large organizations that processes Petabytes of data per day with a focus on performance. Visit our blog for technical guides.

Apache NiFi Consulting Services Offered

  • Flow development
  • Flow and processor debugging
  • Flow optimizations
  • Custom Processor development
  • Custom Controller services and Reporting tasks development
  • NiFi deployment and optimizations
  • NiFi trainings

Please reach us at admin@forkedblog.com to see how we could help you to achieve your data goals. We look forward to hearing from you !!