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Technical Guides and Tutorials

Our technical guides are based on the experience we had in our completed and on-going projects. Articles are designed to help beginners to learn the concept with working examples and advanced-level users to enhance their skills. We ensure that the guides are full of examples that will help you practice and implement everything that you've learned.

Data Streaming

Big Data

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Hive

Services Offered

Test Automation

We are freelance community peoples who provide Selenium automation testing services including test automation framework and robust automated regression suite development using the popular tool Selenium WebDriver.

Automation Training

Our training program is designed to give you complete knowledge of test automation using Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker. You will learn to build a robust testing framework using Page Object Design Pattern.

Apache NiFi

We are group of freelancers always looking for interesting problems to solve with NiFi. We have made many contributions to enterprise level data flows with focus on performance for large organizations that processes Petabytes of data per day.